Saturday, June 16-18

We headed out this weekend for our first salmon adventure of the year. I had heard reports that salmon had been caught at Providence Bay and South Baymouth.

Kevin, Bone and myself headed over to South Baymouth early Saturday morning and headed out, not knowing what to expect with such early season salmon fishing. The water temps were 10-11 C ( 50 -52 F) on the surface with no real difference to the bottom. We started off at the buoy and headed towards Maiden Island (be careful there are several commercial nets out there).

We fished till 1 pm and ended up with one chinook at 9lb and several (4) large lakers. All the fish on Saturday were taken 85 (salmon) to 105 ft down in 120-130 fow. Purple was the best colour for us, and the salmon and the larger trout hit a Warrior purple alewife.

We marked loads of bait, in fact, more bait than I have marked out of SBM in the last ten years. Best of all, most of the fish we kept had large 3+ inch alewives inside them.

One of the 50+ bait balls we marked on Saturday and Sunday.

We only saw four boats out during Saturday morning, and all had salmon.

Sunday, June 17-18

Bone and I headed back over to South Baymouth early Sunday morning. The fog was thick, and there was a few rollers but nothing too severe. We headed out to the red buoy and set up, within 15 mins we had two nice 5-6lb lakers that we sent back to the depths. Then everything went quiet.

We trolled over to the location we caught the fish on Saturday but hardly marked a thing. Not one bait ball or fish. We turned around and headed back to the red buoy. By this time the weather took a turn for the worse, thunderstorms were brewing and it had just started to rain when Bone hooked into his PB laker. Its official weight was just over 23lbs.

By the time we had netted the laker the skies had opened up, and the lightning was all around us. We hightailed it to the docks and decided to wait out the storm. A quick trip to Carl’s Trading Post was in order, and I spotted an NK that looked good (they all look good…lol). $20 bucks later, I had some new lures to play with, and we headed back out to the buoy.

We just set up when all of a sudden we started marking massive bait balls. We did circle work around the bait until we landed a few more lakers (released). We continued out about to 90ish fow when we started to mark more bait and fish; I threw on the new Northern King Green Gator, it was in the water perhaps five mins and bang, beautiful 14lb chinook nailed it.

We continued the troll doing circle work on the bait and picked up a second Chinook on the same Northern King. Our time was up, and just as the fishing was getting good, we had to pull the plug.

We will be back next week that is for sure.


The coordinator of Manitoulin Expositor Salmon Classic. Avid four season angler with a passion for walleye, perch, speckled trout, rainbow trout, lake trout and salmon fishing. Live, learn & breathe fishing. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram.